Spa Services
  1. Aromatherapy Massage
    30 minutes || 47.50 60 minutes || 85.00 90 minutes || 120.00 Enjoy an all-natural, sense-seducing escape. Choose from our premium selection of aromatherapy essential oils designed to enhance relaxation and balance combined with a relaxation massage.
  2. Relaxation Massage
    30 minutes || 37.50 60 minutes || 75.00 90 minutes || 110.00 Enjoy a complete and total relaxation with this thorough and soothing Swedish-style massage.
  3. Therapeutic Chair Massage
    30 minutes || 37.50 This deep-tissue, Swedish-style massage includes the use of a specially-designed massage chair where you sit comfortably and remain fully clothed.
  1. Therapeutic Reflexology
    30 minutes || 37.50 This sensational spa service focuses on reflexes on the feet, hands and ears that corresponds to specific areas of the body. Reflexology uses pressure to release energy in the body, allowing renewed energy flow to vitalize the mind, body and spirit.
  1. Therapy for Anxiety
  2. Hypnosis
  3. Therapy for Sleep Issues
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